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workplace first aid

Does Your Workplace First Aid Need To Be Up To Date?

workplace first aid

Workplace First Aid

It doesn’t matter what business you run or what you do for a job, most workplaces aren’t free of risks to workers health or safety. 

Which is why first aid training is almost always mandatory at the workplace.

Does your business involve being exposed to high noise levels, exposure to harmful chemicals? Do you have older adults working at your firm? Do you work with heights or repetitive tasks?

Why is workplace first aid training important

Let’s have a look at how providing first aid training can be beneficial.

Ultimately it teaches you to respond in the most common emergency situations.

Having first aid training will help you learn the necessary skills to tackle any emergency. The alternative is standing around and looking for someone else to respond.

Imagine someone falls down the stairs, but you don’t know how to help, or a coworker has a cardiac arrest while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

If you have first aid training, don’t underestimate your ability to save someone’s life or at the least help avoid the situation worsening.

Does your site need to consider a workplace first aid kit?


Employees feel valued and seen at the workplace if the company cares about their safety. Caring about the well-being of employees boosts morale and creates a stronger team and a culture to watch out for one another.

Increases Productivity

If your employees feel a sense of safety and security at the workplace, their efficiency will improve. Imagine a person not working to their full potential because they’re worried about the consequences of an accident.

You should especially consider this aspect if your workplace exposes the workers to a high-risk environment. This could include a construction site, a factory, chemicals, etc.

Improve the outcome in an emergency

Workplace first aid training can enable you to help the victim and provide help to relieve their pain. Furthermore, it can also increase the recovery rate and save the victim from a potential permanent disability.

For instance, if a heavy object falls on a person at the construction site, you can cover the wound with a cloth to prevent further blood loss. Otherwise, extreme blood loss could be really risky for them. These skills are essential to learning to be more proactive and be a team player at the workplace.

We have a handy article on basic first aid tips for workplaces inside our blog, take a look and take notes!

Group Workplace First Aid Saves Costs in the Longer Run

Staying aware and alert can reduce the number of accidents. Moreover, it will save insurance costs if your employees know how to provide first aid and minimize the effect of an injury.

Workplace first aid will keep your most valuable asset (Your employees) safe, and you won’t lose them due to an injury or an accident when you implement.

Want more? We’ve got you covered…


Our Baby First Aid Courses

Our baby first aid courses are available in person in your home and online. We run classes in your home with groups of 2, 4 or up to 10 in Sydney & Melbourne and you can book in 3 easy steps!

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Our First Aid Certificate Courses

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Book your public spot online or contact us if you have a group of 5+ people for onsite training.

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