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What areas do the First Aid Nest cover?

The First Aid Nest run first aid courses Australia wide. 

We run our classes at your workplace  in all states in Australia, but if you get stuck for a venue, let us know and we will help you source one suitable for your training. Our public classes are in Sydney, NSW.

Can we do the first aid course online?

We have three diferent delivery modes that you can choose from for your workplace group.

Enhanced course – 80% online and 20% short face to face assessment

Blended course – 20% online and 80% face to face assessment

Full 100% face to face course

How much does training cost?

We have a 10 person minimum for our group workplace first aid. Provide CPR training is $67 per person We have a minimum spend of $670, so it is beneficial to have 10 + attendees.

Provide First aid is $97 per person We have a minimum spend of $970.

Childcare First Aid is $107 per person We have a minimum spend of $1070

How long is the training?

This depends on the course you are doing. If you are doing the CPR enhanced course, its around 2-3 hrs online pre study and 1 hour face to face. The first aid or childcare courses take 4-6 hours online pre study and 2-4 hours face to face. You may choose to do a full face to face course which would take 2-3 hours for CPR or 6-8 hours for first aid and childcare courses. 

How long does the CPR certificate last?

CPR certificates last 1 year. Provide First Aid and Childcare First Aid certificates last 3 years.

Can my employees take the first aid class at home?

Employees can do 90% of the class at home online if you choose the enhanced version however the remaining 10% has to be a face to face assessment so that the trainer can accurately assess the attendee’s technique. This is a mandatory requirement. 

Are the first aid trainers trained medical professionals?

Yes! All of our trainers have extensive experience as practicing medical professionals with extensive emergency experience in adults, paediatrics, surgical, ICU, ED and Respiratory medicine. This is not a usual requirement for trainers in the first aid industry but all of our trainers at The First Aid Nest have this experience.

What if we have to cancel?

We have a clear cancellation policy at the bottom of our website and if you give us 10 days notice we are happy to reschedule your class to another date free of charge.

How can I renew my first aid certificate?

If you are an existing client, we can just get you signed back in to refresh your certificate in minutes. If you are a new client, it is a simple process of signing you in and you can commence your training same day.

When is payment due for the course?

For workplace groups, we will invoice you after the course. This allows for last minute additions to the course without any fuss. 

Our public courses are paid for up front, during booking.