The Nest’s Safe Spoonful: Education & Food Introduction (Sydney)


Ready to start the journey of introducing new foods (including common allergy foods) to your young ones but worried about safety? Is your baby between 4-12 months?

We’ve got you covered!

Introducing our unique education and food introduction space, The Nest’s Safe Spoonful, for your little ones!

Join us in a safe, children’s allergy nurse-supervised environment, where you and your baby can embark on the food exploration journey alongside other parents.

Which foods will we introduce?
Any that you have been reluctant to introduce!

Spend an enriching hour with us as our expert nurses guide you through:

🥄 Safely introducing new foods, including common allergy-triggering foods like peanuts, eggs, and dairy.

📚 Educational insights on how to incorporate these foods into your baby’s diet.

👀 Recognising signs of a reaction and what steps to take next.

Connect, share experiences, and learn in a supportive group setting. It’s not just about food introduction; it’s about building a community of informed and confident parents.

Location: St Stephens Church Hall, 6 Harry St, Eastlakes, 2018, NSW

You can find a full list of FAQ’s here!

P.S. For now it’s just in Sydney, but please contact us to register your interest if you live in other states, 🏡 so that we can look at expanding the service!